23 March 2014

Not Always Pretty

It's a very true thing about pretty words not always being true, think of people who use flattery as manipulation.  And then there are the friends or family who tell you a truth that it a little on the blunt side but something that while you may not have liked hearing it, it was something that did you good in the long run.  These are the things I thought of when I saw these words.  

The double page spread started its life as an acrylic paint experiment which sort of, I'm sure you can relate to that, then ended up with torn strips of  some very pretty papers which was then outlined with Inktense pencils to bring out the awesome tealy colour.



18 March 2014

Hmmm which way is up?

Hello, I've been dabbling a little with acrylic paint and abstract art.  I can't decide which way is up on my jewel coloured abstract.  Any suggestions?  

I recently took another one of Claudia Rossi Studios online courses and really liked playing around with the concept of abstract colour on the canvas.

 Portrait or Landscape?  I guess it doesn't really matter.  I just have to find a space on the wall and hang it one way for a while then turn it the other way to decide.

Happy crafting!



06 March 2014

On a Tangle roll

Here is my first tangle in the gorgeous french made book that I mentioned in my last post.  It is a cloth bound book with the smoothest white paper.  Glorious for drawing on.

This cone shaped flower was inspired by Helen Williams from

Visit her blog, she has some amazing work displayed.  Thank you Helen for your inspiration.

Until next time, keep on doing what makes you, you!



02 March 2014

Tangle some more

Hi all, still tanglin' and lovin' it.  This one is 29 cm x 21 cm and is on a vanilla page in my Dylusions art journal.  I started with a few circles drawn with my trusty compass. 

 I got a beautiful cloth bound book which was made in France.  It has the most beautiful smooth white paper in it.  Stunning, so easy to draw on and when erasing the light pencil lines, it's fabulous.  Love this book and have a few tangles on the go in it which I'll post for you soon.