My Blog Awards

This award has been presented to me three times now.
First in Jan 2011 by my good friend Bron (no longer blogging) then again from  
Manderly (Rebecca, I've lost your link, sorry.  Please leave me a message so I can add it in here) in February 2012 
Sheri (I will add your link soon, I have it somewhere!) sent it my way in March 2012
Monique sent this my way in April 2012
Pia also sent this my way in the same week April 2012!

From Tamie in February 2011

 Michele K sent this one my way in July 2011

I am hopeless as I didn't actually get around to posting this one and didn't make a note of who sent it to me, it was in a link on a comment, no way will I ever find it!  Forgive my slack not posting, Thank You for thinking of me.

 Alyce from Kit and Clowder presented me with this Blend award.  I love the term Blend, and decided to make up a definition for it on my post.

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