23 March 2014

Not Always Pretty

It's a very true thing about pretty words not always being true, think of people who use flattery as manipulation.  And then there are the friends or family who tell you a truth that it a little on the blunt side but something that while you may not have liked hearing it, it was something that did you good in the long run.  These are the things I thought of when I saw these words.  

The double page spread started its life as an acrylic paint experiment which sort of, I'm sure you can relate to that, then ended up with torn strips of  some very pretty papers which was then outlined with Inktense pencils to bring out the awesome tealy colour.



18 March 2014

Hmmm which way is up?

Hello, I've been dabbling a little with acrylic paint and abstract art.  I can't decide which way is up on my jewel coloured abstract.  Any suggestions?  

I recently took another one of Claudia Rossi Studios online courses and really liked playing around with the concept of abstract colour on the canvas.

 Portrait or Landscape?  I guess it doesn't really matter.  I just have to find a space on the wall and hang it one way for a while then turn it the other way to decide.

Happy crafting!



06 March 2014

On a Tangle roll

Here is my first tangle in the gorgeous french made book that I mentioned in my last post.  It is a cloth bound book with the smoothest white paper.  Glorious for drawing on.

This cone shaped flower was inspired by Helen Williams from

Visit her blog, she has some amazing work displayed.  Thank you Helen for your inspiration.

Until next time, keep on doing what makes you, you!



02 March 2014

Tangle some more

Hi all, still tanglin' and lovin' it.  This one is 29 cm x 21 cm and is on a vanilla page in my Dylusions art journal.  I started with a few circles drawn with my trusty compass. 

 I got a beautiful cloth bound book which was made in France.  It has the most beautiful smooth white paper in it.  Stunning, so easy to draw on and when erasing the light pencil lines, it's fabulous.  Love this book and have a few tangles on the go in it which I'll post for you soon.



27 February 2014

I've been Tanglin'

Hi all, I've done a bit of travel for work lately and sitting in a hotel room at night time my easy to carry art is to have a notebook and some pens and I do some doodling, or Zentangle inspired tangles.

The beauty of these is that you can have them anyway you want, up or down it doesn't matter

If you doodle while you're chatting on the phone?  Then this might be the sort of art for you.



11 February 2014

Earth Mother

Hi there, I had another play around with my inktense pencils and another one of Teri Sherman's beautiful images  'Earth Mother' and I put the Driftwood Frame around her.

I used a silver Lyra watercolour pencil over the top of the gray inktense on the fame to give a slight luminescent quality to the frame.  Still working on technique, I think I'll have to do some research on these as I'd like to get more/better shading on the skin areas.

Hope you like her.



02 February 2014

Snow drop fairy

I got some of Teri Sherman's latest Delicious Doodles digi images and this one, Snow Drop Fairy just seemed to be perfect for a journal page, I wanted to give my new Inktense pencils a try out.  My! they are awesome pencils to use, I found that I was probably a little heavy handed and I need to do lighter layers to deepen the colours.  Love these pencils, they are so creamy to apply and then the colour is so intense when you add the water.  Gorgeous!

I added some tangle pattern around the edge for a border and on the joining points is some liquid pearls which you can just make out.

Maybe need to practice with the pencils a bit more, but I'm very happy with the first attempt.



21 January 2014

Mixed Media canvas for my gorgeous hairdresser

Hi all,  It's been a while since my last post, I've been working on a special project for a lovely lady.  Tanya, my hairdresser is such a sweetheart.  I love visiting her salon, the girls are all awesome.  

I decided to make a mixed media canvas and asked Tanya to provide me with some paraphernalia.  I also went and got some extra pins, clips, bling and flowers.

Tanya supplied a pair of scissors! insisting that they are past their prime, boy they may not be the best for hair but I'd love to use them in my craft room they were so sharp and felt amazing in my hand, possibly due to them costing a fortune.  Still they needed to go on the canvas and as they are solid metal, they are a little heavy so I tied them on with some silver cord, I didn't think glues would 'cut it'  (pun intended!)

I had some strips of foil, that Tanya had given me, so decided to shape some strands of hair and added some satin cord in red and black to complete the 'hair' part of the project.

I covered some perming rods in embossing powder and then glued them onto the canvas, it was a bit tricky so I decided that the other plastic items needed to stay uncoloured as getting things to stick to the plastic is difficult and I didn't want the paint peeling off.

  Tanya's Salon is Colours Hair, Body & Beauty (link to her facebook page) and her business card has these lovely butterflies so I decided to make some foil ones coloured with alcohol inks, they glitter and shine so beautifully.

I was so pleased with the end result and when I presented it to Tanya she just loves it.  Yay, mission accomplished.



07 January 2014

Time Flutters By

This mixed media canvas was an experiment for me, I covered a conventional canvas with ivory coloured hessian or burlap then sprayed four different Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays on the edges sweeping the colour towards the middle.  

I then added some texture paste and stemple paint and took a while to decide what to put on the canvas.  I knew I wanted the weathered clock and some butterflies but my first attempt at the butterflies failed miserably!  I'm really pleased to have had some stocks of paper that I'd created a while ago using the shaving cream technique, they were perfect for my butterflies.

The colours are way more vibrant than this picture allows to be shown.  Destined for my bedroom wall as most of my other creations were gifted at Christmas to family and friends.

Happy creating.



06 January 2014

A new year filled with Sunshine

Hello friends, I've been very lax in posting here over the past few months, I wouldn't blame you if you removed me from your follow list!  If you're still with me, thank you for your patience.

I have been busy creating though and here are a few of the items that I've been working on.

This mixed media canvas was sent to a lovely friend who lives over 3000 kilometres away from me. Another friend visited and took these home with her.  I know this canvas is sitting on Karen's craft room wall. I love the way the butterflies pop out of the canvas, they are flat, but look to 3d.  Acrylic paint background with lots of lovely texture from stemple paint and modeling paste

This copper leaves mixed media canvas went to my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas. Lots of layers of acrylic paint, modeling paste to create texture.

This canvas needed to be blokey all the way, this was created for my brother who works on heavy earth moving equipment for a living and owns 7 motorbikes, 4 of them he's rebuilt and he's working on the other three.  He was stoked when he saw it and was pretty impressed that it had been one in two days as I had asked him if he wanted some original art for Christmas and I explained what I sort of had in mind.

Last but not least is this journal page I created from this gorgeous Bo Bunny paper, I'd been eyeing it off at my local scrapbook shop for ages, and I finally caved and bought some.
Love how it turned out.

All the very best creating in 2014.



08 December 2013


Perhaps at this time of year, Faith is a very apt topic for an Art Journal page.

This sort of just happened, I had the concept for the page and once I had torn a few pages out of an old encyclopedia I found that they were mostly about religions, a few were about politics!  LOL two subjects my Grandmother used to say never to discuss.

The words are from a post on FB and I'm sorry I can't find it again now to give you the author.

Look at all that luscious texture and shimmer.  The texture comes from serviettes or the white backing paper and the shimmer comes from an iridescent paint medium brushed over the top of the Dylusions inks.  A little texture paste, some of the circles have been coloured with a weak solution of the same Dylusions inks and some left white.   

Hope you're inspired to create your own Faith page.



14 November 2013

My love affair with Creative Journaling continues

Hello there friends, I've been playing around with some pages and not yet added any text, perhaps I won't as I really like the way the pages look now.

With this first page I was going for an all white look which ended up being pearl and gold, but you know how these things just flow and what you set out to do sometimes takes an unexpected turn.  I've used gesso and then some trim string and lace dasies and butterflies.  The pages were painted with a irridescent paint finish which turned the stark white of the gesso to a rich pearly sheen.  I thought I'd just add a little bit of colour with some Gold.

This next page is an acrylic paint background, with gesso over the top to soften and blur the edges, then a thick layer of crackle paint and stormy sky distress ink rubbed over the crackle.  I then added the texture paste and stood back and looked at it and thought it looked like a fancy trellis so then came the idea of using up some of my flower stash.  a little bit of lace and some awesome bling.  Page done!

With this close up of the bling, you can also see the gorgeous texture of the crackle paint.  I'm really super happy with this spread.

Thank you for taking time to stop by for a visit.



12 November 2013

Little Boxes

While not quite old enough to remember this song, it was released in 1962, I do remember it being played on the radio.
The song Little Boxes was released by Malvina Reynolds, here is an excerpt from wikipedia.

The song is a political satire about the development of suburbia and associated conformist middle-class attitudes. It refers to suburban tract housing as "little boxes" of different colors "all made out of ticky-tacky", and which "all look just the same." "Ticky-tacky" is a reference to the shoddy material used in the construction of housing of that time.

When I started to create this page, the song came to mind.

Hope you see the fun side of this.



11 November 2013


I'm still on my creative journaling path and have been having lots of fun playing around with different mediums and textures.

Normally, I'd cover the pages with inks or sprays or acrylic paint, this time I decided to leave some white space and just freehanded some lines in Magenta, Cobalt Blue and Lavender  The hearts are punched out of canvas which I got in a stack like you buy watercolour paper.  It's awesome thickness and texture.

Personally, I think the blue stamped hearts get a bit lost on the background as it's quite bold.

Anyway, I thank you for taking the time to stop by.



02 November 2013

The door to my heart

I had so much fun making this page, it just came together beautifully, I got the inspiration from a lovely lady Kerry who was at a journal class I attended, I looked through her journal and was just blown away.  Some very lovely pages and she was generous in allowing me to take some photos of her work.

This is not an exact copy as with any thing that gives you inspiration, you end up putting your own creative flair into the mix.

 The Plum and Teal go so well together don't you think?  Purples and Teals are one of my favourite combinations I hope you don't get too sick of seeing them together on my projects, I do try to mix it up a bit, like with the last page all hot pink and orange!

I am really loving playing around with mixed media, like adding texture with modeling paste and acrylic paint, layers of stamps and papers and inks in my Creative Journal, the only problem is that it's getting quite bulky now and it's difficult to lay it flat for both working and taking the photo!

Thanks for stopping by to check my latest creation out.