25 November 2014

Mandala 2

Second attempt at drawing a mandala, not exactly sure if this is strictly a Mandala,but it's pretty and I had a very relaxing time drawing it.

It has been drawn on an A4 sheet but I went past the edges so they got cut off a little on the sides.  Better planning required here I think for the next one.



23 November 2014

Mandala 1

I love looking at the intricate designs in mandalas.  Since joining the facebook group Ornation Creation, I've branched out a little in my pattern making and started playing around with the concept of drawing mandalas, I have to admit, I do cheat a little by using a compass and sometimes a ruler but as you can see, most of this is hand drawn with all my wonky lines.

This is the first Mandala I've done without using a template.  I loved the way it looked in just black ink, but adding a splash of red just lifted it brilliantly.  Instead of taking a photo, I scanned this as a jpeg on my printer, it's great, no shadows from a lousy photographer (me)!

Hope you like it.