25 October 2014

Take Flight

I had created the canvas rainbow background a while back and it was just sitting there waiting for inspiration to come, I had a few ideas floating around but none generated more than a hmmm.

I was moved by a completely unexpected act of kindness from a lovely lady Tanya who owns Colours, Hair, Beauty & Body salon in Aitkenvale, she's such a beautiful soul.  I decided that the perfect way to say thank you was to give her something pretty.

Depending on your mood, it could be hung landscape or portrait.  I gave her a little bag with the eye loops string and a picture hook so she can decide which way to hang it when she gets it home. 

I prefer landscape, what do you think?  Here it is again flipped around to portrait.

The Butterflies are all covered in Derivan Matisse Dry Medium Black Flakes Hex. they have such an incredible sparkle, in my opinion it's so much more than glitter.  Of course the sparkle is impossible to capture well in a photograph.  




  1. This is beautiful!! I love the background rainbow and the butterflies-so pretty and she will love it


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