16 June 2011

Twelve Months...that's ONE year! Woooo Hoooo!

I'm just wanting to share with you that I am so proud of myself. Today marks a momentous occasion. Twelve Months (one year) ago I finally gave up smoking,  I had been smoking for more than 35 years!  

I never thought I could do it, most of the time I didn't want to.  Something made me decide to go ahead and try, knowing how little 'won't power' I have, I knew I needed help.  I took the medicated option here and won out over an almost life long addiction.

I made the decision a few months before the give up date and then took steps to break my habits, I delayed that first smoke in the morning, stopped smoking in the car, made myself busy and delayed each cigarette by about 30 - 60 mins. I cut down to under 9 cigarettes a day.  All these steps worked for me to change the habits I had created over so many years.

I hope I don't come across here as one of those evangelistic reformed smokers, I'm not about telling others that they need to give up. Everyone has to make their own choices.  However, if sharing how I managed to beat this demon helps just one person make their own decision and they use some of my tricks to help them, then that's fantastic.

Mind you, I have put on a few kilos, I have to deal with the flab demon now, but having kicked the nicotine demon to hell and back, I think I can put this one in it's place as well.  I mentioned earlier about the 'won't power' at least that's what I call it, cause I used to say I will have that cigarette, so finding will power wasn't a problem, for me it was the 'won't power' I needed to harness!

I have to say, it's not all that easy, and there are many times that I could have lit up over the past year, but those cravings are fairly easy to get past and are over in a few minutes, and the effort was well and truly worth it.  

I'm feeling fitter and breathe much more easily.  The medicos reckon you add years to your life by giving up smoking.....So by my dodgy maths I reckon if I'm chronologically 50 now.....then I've knocked at least 5 years off that by not smoking....loosing a few kilos will knock another 5 off so I can be 40 all over again!!  

What ever your challenges are, I hope you find your 'Won't Power' and succeed.


Kasey ~ in Oz


  1. WELL DONE KASEY....woo hoo. Just done kick the stamping habit...LOL!!!

    Take care Mel

  2. Thanks Mel. I see absolutely nothing wrong with my stamping addiction, I can give it up anytime I want. I just don't want to! Am I in denial? LOL Besides it's theraputic. Oh can I claim that on my healt fund? Cheers, Kasey

  3. Congratulations Kasey, think of all that extra money to spend on crafting goodies lol. well done.
    Kevin xx

  4. Kasey that is amazing, well done. Onward and upward for you!

  5. Congrats.. That's a great Habit to kick! Never fear about those few extra pounds, they are better for you then those cigarettes were..

  6. Congratulations on a year smoke free! That is quite an accomplishment!!


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