21 October 2012

Dies storage

Hello friends and followers, I must apologise for being so missing in action over the past month.  Firstly my mojo went on a round the world trip, then I took some leave to paint my flat.  I ended up with an abscess under a tooth and had the tooth out, then it got infected big time!  

Seems I still can't win though because, the first lot of antibiotics prescribed by the dentist didn't work, so the Doctor recommended a second lot of super strength and they seem to have done the trick cause I feel like I'm in the land of the living again now.

I don't have any makes to show you as what little mojo I could find has gone into some DT cards for next week, so you'll just have to wait.  I do however have some Dies storage to show you, so sit back with a cuppa as this is quite a long post!

As some of you may know, I used to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and have collected quite a selection of stamps, the unmounted stamps come in fabulous DVD cases and I've consolidated a lot of my stamps, two sets in one case. 

This freed up some cases, plus I'd purchased a few spares, you get 4 for $9.95.  I had to cut the Spellbinders card down a little to fit them in, but you get the idea.  

I'd been hunting around for a decent strength sheet magnet and couldn't find any that I could afford so I thought I'd temporarily use 'Stuk Tack' (from one of those Two Dollar shops) it's like Blu Tac, it sticks brilliantly to both the case and the dies, they are very easy to remove and replace AND if a little comes off on the die, you just ball up some and dab it over the stuff you want to remove and it cleans it off beautifully.  I'm not searching for magnets anymore, this works so well for me.

The only draw back is the long strips of border dies in the Shapeabilities sets don't fit inside the cases, so I've stuck them to the wall of my cube unit, right beside the dies storage, perfect!  It's not all that clear, but each spine is labeled with the dies, company first, then die name or description if there is no name.

This DVD unit (holds 135 DVD cases) also holds my unmonted stamps, both SU and other brands that have been stored in the DVD cases, I've got stamped sheets in the cover so all the images can be seen from the outside.  The unit is not full YET!

In order to find them, I also made a catalogue of my dies, I used up a whole lot of coloured paper and a few sheets of cardstock to create this, but it's fabulous to flick through, the dies in each case are listed  on one page making it very easy for me to locate what I'm looking for, plus I've even used it today to size up which die to use for an image, now that's a Double bonus.  Plus, in the process, there are bits that get cut out that you can use as well, so I've stuck those on the page, as in the little hearts that come out of the Cheery Lynne hearts dies below.

Here's one shot of the full unit, SU stamp sets on the left, other company stamps in the centre and the dies on the right, see I told you it wasn't full......yet!  Unfortunately, the Tim Holtz and Sizzix dies on the right, don't fit into the rack.

 Well, I hope that this inspires you to discover storage that works for you.  I've been really happy with this as it helps me tidy up my creative space and keep track of my dies, the collection has grown at an alarming rate!


Kasey ~ in Oz


  1. This is a great way of storage and thank you for sharing this x

    1. Hi Sandra, you're welcome. I thought it was such a fabulous storage solution, at least it works for me.

  2. I'm inspired!!! My only problem is, I think I have too many dies to fit into that :(
    Thanks Kasey

    1. With two die sets per case and the unit holding 135 cases, Miss Penny! are you telling me you own over 270 dies? Who knew when I introduced you to stamping that I'd create this monster craft shopper. OMG is all I can say girl!

  3. Hi Kasey

    So sorry to hear you haven't been well. I bet your mouth has been well sore!!!

    Thank goodness the second lot of tablets have been doing the trick.

    Great storage idea. It is lovely to be tidy isn't it? Just doesn't happen often enough in my little craft pod though!!

    Take care and I hope you are soon 100% again.

    Love Jules xx

    1. Thank you Jules, the good side I've lost some weight! Now the challenge is to let it stay lost!


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