20 March 2013

Tangling for fun

Hello there, I've been a bit lost in my craft room lately, dabbling a little here and there but not actually producing many finished items.  I have been doodling though, doing some Zentangle inspired art.  Some of these have been inspired by some very talented artists out there, take a look at Zentangles or Tangles on Pinterest sometime and you will be amazed, there are lots of 'how to' images as well.

 I love just zoning out which is the 'zen' part of the whole tangle process.  Lots of there have been created while I was watching TV (sort of)
 I find interesting patterns and then try to emulate them, they come out so different though as I usually add my own twist to them.

 These two, top pic and bottom pic were so much fun to create, I love the tangled spaghetti below, drawing this was really easy and interesting to curve every which way.  I've inspired my grandson to pick up his pencil and start drawing again.

Hope you give this form of doodling a try, there is no right way or wrong way, just whatever flows from your pen.

Cheers for now,



  1. Hi Kasey
    Wow you have been busy. I love this...they are all great.


  2. These are great-It reminds me so much of the way my husband creates his artwork on wood. Very creative and artistic!


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