01 July 2013

Back in Black

Yes, now you have ACDC's Back In Black as a song worm, it is appropriate for this post, there is a connection, I'll show you what I made today.

I've created a black mixed media canvas today, lots of layers and lots of black.  I was a bit doubtful as to how this would turn out but as I was creating it, I decided that it would be perfect for a black and white photo from my daughters wedding earlier this year.  Shayne and Becca are both huge ACDC fans and so there is the connection.

Becca was talking about her 'rogues gallery' collection of pictures that she wanted to group on her wall, she's painted all her frames black and this would fit perfectly with them.  I printed out a wedding photo of the happy couple on the beach in black and white onto copic blending card then using a foam roller I added matt modge podge over the top. 

Here is a closeup of the canvas, I just love how it turned out and so does the bride.
I've spritzed the frame with some shimmer paint to add a tiny bit of sparkle, all it needs now is a quick coat of matt spray to seal the gesso and make it easier to dust!

Hope you like what I've been playing around with in the last few days.



  1. amazing kasey!!!! how did you get it all black? did you paint it all once it was on at the end?? looks so fantastic :D

    1. Hi Alyce,

      This was done in layers, the background was done then gesso applied. The first layer of chipboard and wood pieces then another layer of gesso, more embellishments more gesso. Rinse and repeat. Turn the work around so you view it from all angels when you apply the gesso so you don't leave any sides unpainted. Easy!


  2. This canvas frame looks absolutely fantastic! It must have taken you so much time to paint and piece together all these elements, but the end result is amazing!

  3. Good morning Kasey,
    This is absolutely amazing, I love what you have done with all the embellishments within the frame.
    A fantastic project

    Patricia xxx


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