22 September 2013

I'm feeling very arty today!

I am feeling very arty lately and have been spending lots of time pouring over Youtube tutorials for art journals.  

I have to say the lovely Rach013 (youtube id) inspired this page.  Loved watching her create her mixed media canvases and I spent a lot of time surfing through her clips.  You might also like to visit this very talented artists blog.  Artful Evidence 

Thank you Rachel for your generous sharing of your techniques.

I used a different template, mask and colours to the ones Rachel had used, I'm really happy with the end result, it's made me feel almost like a real artist!  I chose this quote as there are times when I wonder what happened to friends and people from my past.

I don't necessarily see it as a bad thing as I'm a firm believer in people pass through your life because they have something to give or teach you, or you have something that you need to give or teach them.  Some friends stay for a lifetime and others are there for such a short time.  Enjoy each and every friend for however long you have them.




  1. Thanks for the link and the shout out! You have some lovely work here. I really like the quote you used on this page - I might have to borrow that one myself!

  2. This is fabulous Kasey. The colours are gorgeous and I love the butterflies and the sentiment.
    Stunning work.
    Hugs Sharon. x


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