08 May 2011

Get 'em young, train 'em well...

My 2 1/2 year old cherub stays with me a couple of times a week and we do stamping!  She has taken to it so well. 

 Ink up the stamp, 'you have to tap, tap tap it Nana'...

 She gets a little upset when an image doesn't come out clearly, so I showed her how to check if the stamp is all shiny with ink before she stamps and she remembers to do this each time, even it it's a week or two between stamping sessions.

Too cute is the look of concentration on her face when she stamps the image, the stamp doesn't get moved or wriggled, it's straight down, press firmly and then lift it straight back up again.  And....

Clean the ink off and dry it.   Then we pack all the stamps away in the little boxes.

Danielle is only stamping on sheets of copy paper for now, but I don't think it will be long before she graduates to cards!


  1. How cute is that! Glad you two can spend time together like this. :)

  2. Isn't she just wonder you moved all that way....Happy Mother's Day xoxox Mel

  3. OMG she is just the cutest little crafter and thanks for stopping by my blog too! xxxx Natalie

  4. This is tooo cute!!! I too love that look of absolute concentration on her face!

    Love all your recent posts by the way, I have been busy preparing for convention and haven't been stopping by to visit and leave you a comment or two!

  5. She is so super adorable! I have 3 boys and I cannot imagine letting them play with my stamps. Ummm...I think I need a girl!

    Hey; thanks for visiting my blog and joining on the candy:)


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