25 April 2013

Taking a little break...

Hey all, just a quick note to let you know I'm taking a little break.  I'm moving my craft room and that involves so much!  I never ever have to buy another piece of patterned paper, I have so much of it.  I'm sure there are quite a few out there who are in the same boat.

I'll share some pics in a few days once I get sorted. 

Have fun creating!



  1. Oky sweetie friend...keep in touch...too much going on my

  2. Yes Kasey, I too have so much paper. Enjoy your craft move and see you when you get back.
    Hugs Sharon. x

  3. Oh can never have too much paper!! Hee, hee!
    Good luck with the move, looking forward to seeing your new room.

    Wedgie xxx

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  5. Hi Kasey

    I hope your crafty space move is going well. I wonder how much stash you have found that you had forgotten about LOL!!!

    Have fun.

    Love Jules xx


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