10 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

How cool is this? I am stunned and so very pleased to be given this award especially as the presenter is not known to me. Thank you very much Tamie from Paper Infusions and More for bestowing this award on my blog. Now this really does call for a Happy

In accepting this award I need to do the following:

1.Thank the person/persons that shared this award with me and link it back to their blog/blogs.
2.Share eight things about myself.
3.Pass this award onto eight other bloggers that I have recently discovered.
4.Leave a comment so they can pass along the recognition!

Eight Things you never knew about me:

1. Crafty persuits over the years have been...Ceramics, Millinary ( I'll never make another felt hat in my life!), Beading, Leadlighting, Sewing and of course cardmaking and scrap booking

2. I've made 3 wedding dresses (not all mine!)

3. I LOVE dark Chocolate....mmmmmmm

4. Can't stand rude people who don't consider if others are affected by their actions, you know the type, pulling out in front of you on the road, stopping in the middle of the supermarket isle for a chat.

5. Love dogs, not so fussed on cats (sorry all you cat lovers)

6. I love reading fantasy along the ilk of David Eddings and Crime fiction

7. Confession time LOL ....I play World of Warcraft....although not so much lately

8. I love oriental fragrances in my perfumes

I'd like to pass on this award to the following blogs that I've recently discovered, let me tell you there were lots of oohs and ahhs when checking out the artistry of these talented people.

Bernie at CraftyBe
CoKo at K'ArtaCoKO
Rach at Paper Crafts by Rach
Maria at Maria's Merry Makings
Neil at Neelz Expressionz
Genny at Stampin by Genny
Bonnie at Stamping with Klass
Rebecca at Scrappywonder


  1. Kasey thank you for passing on this award to me, you are so sweet.xx

  2. Thank you, Kasey! What a sweet surprise for sharing this award with me...very sweet of you! I enjoy your blog and cards also. Am now a follower...take care!

  3. Wow Kasey! Thanks so much for the award!

  4. Hi there.
    Thank you for this award. I am glad you like my blog and my work. Take care and hope I keep inspiring you! Thank you also for your kind words

  5. Hi Kasey, many thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment! And thank you so much for passing this award to me!! I'm thrilled you included me! bx

  6. I'm just back from Paris, where I was for the "wintersale time" (I've found a wonderful wintercoat for the half price !).
    And what do I find today on my blog ? I'm so proud that you have passed me this award ! So a great surprise ! It's the first one for me...
    and I'm still more proud that you like my work !
    You know how I admire your work too.
    I hope I've understood all what I have to do now to merit (is it the good word ?) this award ! xoxoxo from France

  7. Hi Kasey, look at here
    It's in french but I think you can translate it with a e-lexikon.
    An other thank you from the heart for this award and a happy Valentine's day for you and your family. Bisous from France

  8. thank you so very much for selecting my blog for the stylish award!! what a wonderful surprise!! I am honored!! thank you, I so appreciate it! thanks again!!! R ;)

    & ps, I love your work too!!
    been poking around looking ;)


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