08 November 2012

A sunny blog award

Hi there lovelies, I'm sharing a post to tell you about a blog award that was just bestowed on me by my lovely blog friend Tammy from Tammy's Scrappin' Corner

How sweet!  so now for the rules of this award

1. Include award logo in blog post.

2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link back to them.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself, that you have made up yourself. 
4. Nominate 10-12 bloggers and contact them at their blog site to tell them about the award.

OK, part one and two done.

Ten questions that I make up that's a hard one, this is going to take some time.  

Interview with Kasey ~ in Oz by Kase.

1.  What is your favourite sweet food?

Oh Kase that's easy, dark chocolate, everyone knows Chocolate is in a food group all on it's own!  You know that chocolate releases feel good endorphins it's Sooooooo good for you.

2.  When do you like to craft day or night?

I prefer day time crafting, even with my special magnifying light on my craft desk, daylight makes it easier for my poor old eyes.  LOL  But I've been known to burn the midnight oil as well.

3.  Kasey, we all want to know what is your favourite technique?

Now that's a hard one to answer Kase, there are way too many, don't make me choose!  I love making my own background papers, using emboss resist, shaving cream or stamping and sponging with inks.  But then there is embossing as well.  Oh and colouring with copics, I Lurrrve my Copic markers.   You know what I mean?

4.  What do you like best Kasey, Scrapping, Cards or OTP?

Making Cards is my first love, then scrapping and I'm afraid OTP and 3d items take a back seat.

5.  What's the newest thing you've learnt in your crafting?

The latest tutorial I've followed was for colouring with copic markers, one for colouring hair and another one for colouring folds. There are some amazingly talented artists out there Kase, you should check out the list of fabulously talented girls at the end of this post.

6.  Would you rather be Crafting or Cooking?

Crafting of course, Kase you know I only cook because raw food isn't that appetizing.  I can cook, just not fancy masterchef stuff, I like watching the cooking shows, but can't be bothered with all that fussing around in the kitchen taking up my crafting time!   

7.  If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Now that one is easy.  As you know Kase, I've never been overseas, lived in Australia all our life.  But if I could I'd visit Europe, and yes technically Europe is not a country, but if I went there, I couldn't stop visiting just England, or Scotland or Ireland, with all those other countries so close now could I.  Besides, if I dropped in on Jules and didn't go and visit Birgit, or Pia or Patricia they'd be upset with me!  LOL Oh I wish.....I keep my fingers crossed each lotto draw too.  I'd also love to visit New Zealand,  Hi Tracy and Lou

8.  What do you listen to when you craft?

Oh I have such an eclectic taste in music,  growing up in the 60s and 70s means that music is special for me, I love my rock music too, a little bit of heavy metal, but I really love folk music as well and then I've been know to listen to a bit of classical and some big band tracks as well.  Not too fond of Jazz and don't mind a tiny little bit of Keith (Urban) style country music now and then.  Can't handle hip hop, and crap um I mean Rap but then that's probably my age showing!

9. If you are having a little nip of something, what do you choose?

Ohhh I don't indulge often, when I do, it depends on the occasion as to what I drink. I am partial to a soft Merlot now and then, I like a drop of Tia Maria, on crushed ice, don't add anything else.  A nip of baileys on ice is a nice drop too.  I've been known to enjoy a rum and coke now and then as well.  Don't like beer, that probably comes from the few years working as a barmaid in my much younger years.

10.  When you have time, what do you read?

I love crime novels, I've just finished all of Tara Moss' novels, Oh and I've read the infamous 50 Shades series, it all became a bit ho hum towards the middle of book 2.  I also love fantasy novels, I've read all of David Eddings series two or three times. 

So now you know more than you wanted to about me. Here is my list of crafters and bloggers who I think deserve a blog award.

Caroline, I love her sweet cards, she always drops by with a cheery hello and a lovely comment on my latest cards.

Esther has a gorgeous style in her crafting, I love her out of the box way of using different techniques.
Chris has moved into stitching and does the most exquisite embroidery.  You really need to check it out if you haven't seen her stunning work.

The lovely Jane posts some amazing pictures of her holidays as well as her fabulous jewellery and cards.  Love reading her posts.

Louise is the scrappin' queen of NZ.  LOL well almost, she's also the co owner of Southern Girls and is such a fabulous lady.

Tracy is the other co owner of Southern Girls and is on some fabulous DTs, I'm in awe of Tracy's colouring talent. 

Hazel makes some beautiful cards and is a fellow lover of the colour purple.  Love reading Hazels posts she makes lot and lots of fabulous cards.

Patricia my lovely blog friend in Scotland, she is such a wonderful crafter, her work is stunning and she's now graduated in her grasp of all things technical to post some tutorials on her blog!  Way to go Patricia!

Sweet Sandra, she always stops in to leave a cheery hello and her work is just gorgeous.  You need to go check it out!

Last but certainly not least is my lovely blog friend Wedgie.  She's a cup cake! I drool often when reading her posts, she cooks some amazing sweets and makes some pretty awesome cards.

I also have to add Annie to this list of loyal and talented blog friends, I know that she will be thrilled with it.  

Whew so there you go, I hope these lovely ladies now pass this blog award on to others and I look forward to reading their 10 questions!  LOL that was a lot of fun making up those questions.  I discarded quite a few in the process!


Kasey ~ in Oz


  1. Hi there Kasey from Bonnie Scotland where it is rather cool but the sun is shining here on the East Coast. I certainly would be more than delighted if you knocked on my door......welcome friend.

    I am so delighted to grab that Blogger award, than you so much. I will need time to think about these questions.

    Patricia xx

    1. You're welcome Patricia, at first I though oh darn, this is so much bother, but then when I thought about it, I realised that there were lots of lovely blog friends I could pass this on to AND it was fun interviewing myself! Hope you got a giggle out of it.

  2. Hi Thanks Kasey for including me, gosh I have enough trouble thinking of what meals to cook my dad let alone ten questions and answers...will have to think about those over the weekend...Thanks heaps, luv n hugs, Annie

    1. Another well deserved award to you Annie. Yes it did take some time to conduct my interview and then add the blogs to the list, but I really think it was worth all that effort to put smiles on the faces of my lovely blog friends like you!

  3. Wow, you are so kind Kasey...thank you for including me, I will wear my award with pride! Love your questions...will have to get my thinking cap on now! Thanks again, you've made my day! Wedgie xxx

    1. Your cards are inspiring not to mention the calories in your scrumptious baking creations!

  4. Thanks so much Kasey that is so very sweet of your. I have put my sunshine award in my side bar to share with everyone.
    Jane x

    1. Jane, I so love reading your blog posts, your jewellery is stunning and your cards are so gorgeous. You are one very talented artist.

  5. Good Morning Kasey
    Just to let you know I have not forgotten my award.
    I did not want to put it on my Blog till I had done all the bits.
    I am really struggling here with all the links, the technical side of the blooming computer gets to me.
    The questions are OK well kind of but the links ....well that`s another story.
    Buy, busy, here for the next couple of days, fundraising.
    I will get to it
    Have a Great Day

    Patricia xx

    1. Blogging tutorial #3 is in your email inbox! Have fun!


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