09 February 2012

A lovely award!

Well how special is that, when a complete stranger sends you a message to say they are giving you an award?  I have found Crafters and those who blog are among the friendliest and nicest people around.  

People who generously share their artistry and ideas with each other and who probably wouldn't even know you if they passed you in the street but here in blogland they become your best friends!  I love how the internet can do that.

Manderly has passed this award on to me.  Thank you for the lovely things you have said about my blog and for the honour of this award.

It seems like the Award if passed on to talented people who may not be all that well known out there in blog land.  so I've gone to my saved list of blog friends and looked at those who come in under 200 followers and here are the ones that I would encourage you to visit and perhaps follow if you like their style!

First is my very good friend Monique @ Stamping With Moni - Q I just love her ability to do some amazing 3d items

Next comes the fabulously talented Paul @ Artsiders talk about Shabby Chic, Paul is the king of vintage!

Then there is the gorgeous Lynne @ Cards from Lynn's Loft, she is brilliant at CAS cards, I so admire her ability to do CAS and make it look easy!

One of my more recent followers is Annette @ My Pommie Purple Patch, I love her way with colouring with Copics.  Gorgeous images and shading.

Last by not least is Esther @ Crafty Effusions, I love the different styles that Esther uses and the distinct Artsy bent to her work and her enthusiasm to try anything!

All of these very talented Artists deserve more followers, more comments and encouragement to keep creating.

Please head over and check out their beautiful work.

Opps I forgot to say the recipients of this award need to pass it on to 5 other blogs, in particular to ones who have less than 200 followers!

Kasey ~ in Oz


  1. Kasey thank you so much for this award. You know you inspire me with your creations and it is nice to know that I create things that inspire you too!


  2. Aww shucks, bless you Kasey. Such a sweet way to start the day. I'm very touched by your kind words. You've put a huge smile on at least one person's face today lol. And I agree, crafters are very lovely people indeed. Have a fabulous day. Pxxxxxxxxx

  3. Thank you Kasey for this award, so lovely to receive happy mail lol:) I so agree I love my blogland buddies too, there is so much inspiration to be seen and so many new goodies to add to the wish list! Just need twice as many hours in the day to craft and visit everyone lol! So glad I discovered your lovely blog today, have a wonderful weekend, take careX:)

  4. Congrats on winning the award Kasey :) You have a lovely blog

  5. Hi Kasey,
    As I was looking around sites and stumbled upon yours, I was just so impressed on how good you are! I mean REALLY impressed. I do think you deserve more recognition for such beauty you create. You really inspire me and help me, too, to keep on crafting and try to improve my skills. It's nice to meet you Kasey, and also Monique, Paul, and Annette! I will visit them soon! I am new to blogging and finding out just how nice and "for" each other we really are. Nice feeling.

  6. I will hop over to see Annette and Ester also!

  7. Thanks so much for the award and your encouragement - I too love that the internet can bring us crafters together and I'm so glad I can share my work with others and maybe inspire them a bit...really enjoyed having a good old nose around your blog while I was here..your creations are gorgeous...Esther xxx

  8. Thanks again Kasey, I have set a post to go live tomorrow with the 5 bloggers who I am passing the award on to.



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