28 May 2012

School Reunion!

Hello there, It's been a hectic week this last week.  Two days in Sydney for work then I come home sick with a really heavy cold.  On Friday, my brother and I went over to Magnetic Island where we went to the Horseshoe Bay Primary School reunion!  Can you believe that?  Primary School ! ! !

The school was this tiny building on stilts, one room and one teacher who taught grades 1 to 7, there were only 4 kids in my class and probably only 20 to 30 kids in the whole school.  We had a really lovely time catching up with people who we hadn't seen in many years, although I begged off attending the Bay of Origin football game on Sunday due to my cold and feeling so miserable and spent it rugged up reading and sleeping.   

The school closed in 1972 and I was one of the last students there, we even had a picture taken on the last day.  Sorry it's pretty old and blurred.

 Below is a pic of Prue, Darrel, me and Jay.

 I'll get some crafting done soon and will be back later in the week.

Kasey ~ in Oz

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon Kasey! Sounds like you have had a bit of a miserable time but bet it was fun catching up with everyone after so long! :)


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