04 January 2013


Yes just one word 'Stronger'  That's my new year resolution and I am going to apply it to all aspects of my life.

For me, I find I give in or give up too easily, I say yes too often and overload myself, I avoid those difficult conversations and I forget to look after myself.

So for 2013 my key word is Stronger.  
I will be physically stronger by undertaking regular exercise.  
I will be mentally stronger by undertaking further education such as a short course at tafe or an online course.  
I will be emotionally stronger by looking after myself and my needs so I then have the strength to look after those around me
I will be financially stronger by really thinking Need versus Want before I shop! (yes good luck with that one where the craft stash is concerned!)
I will be a stronger friend by being in touch more regularly with my friends
I will be creatively stronger by trying new techniques and products (there goes the financial strength!!!)
I will be stronger in setting my goals and in my motivation to work towards them

I'm sure that I can come up with more, but this is the affirmation made publicly, here on my blog.  Now all I need to do is draw on my inner strength and build it so I can achieve all of this.  

It is only ONE word so I think I should be able to manage it, if there are some areas where the strength fails me temporarily, that's ok, cause I know there will be other areas where I'll surprise myself with the power of my strength.

What resolution are you making?

Kasey ~ in Oz

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  1. Well done Kasey, this is very inspiring. Hugs, Kelly xxx


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