29 January 2013

This is the reason why I've been so quiet lately!

 My beautiful daughter got married on Australia Day!  Here is Rebecca and I just before we left her house, things got a bit emotional at times so my eyes were a tad red here.

 The wedding invitations I made for them.

 These are the bridal vehicles!  All decked out in netting and flowers
This is my grandson Blake with his cousin Danielle the flower girl, then came Whitey driving the beautiful bridesmaid Amber and Gary driving Becca.

It was a beach wedding, the storms and rain from Cyclone Oswald had passed a few days before and Saturday dawned with fairly clear blue skies, but sooooo darn hot and humid. 

Yes the boys wore thongs on their feet as did the bride and bridesmaid, it was a beach wedding after all.  Here they are giving the thumbs up.

 The wedding party on the beach, love the relaxed feel this beautiful wedding had.

Yep, she's a great catch.

Just goes to show you that you can have a beautiful romantic wedding on a budget of less than $3,000.  Congratulations to the Metcalfe family Shayne, Rebecca and Blake. 

Kasey ~ in Oz


  1. awww gorgeous piccies!! looks like a great day and so happy the weather held up! :)

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I am glad to hear it was sunny for her special day.

  3. What a beautiful wedding! I'm so glad the weather cleared for the day Kasey, very lucky there.

    That's a lovely photo of you and your daughter too.

    Michelle :o)

  4. Such great pictures! It seems that they all enjoyed "the day at the beach". I like the thought of a less formal wedding!

  5. Kasey she looks beautiful, and the invitations are gorgeous as well. Glad you all had a good day.

  6. What a fantastic celebration looks like everyone was having a great time.
    That is a beautiful picture of you and your daughter at the beginning.
    Glad it all went well. Good luck to the happy couple.

    Patricia xx

  7. Such lovely photos :o) Hugs, Lisa x


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