25 November 2014

Mandala 2

Second attempt at drawing a mandala, not exactly sure if this is strictly a Mandala,but it's pretty and I had a very relaxing time drawing it.

It has been drawn on an A4 sheet but I went past the edges so they got cut off a little on the sides.  Better planning required here I think for the next one.



23 November 2014

Mandala 1

I love looking at the intricate designs in mandalas.  Since joining the facebook group Ornation Creation, I've branched out a little in my pattern making and started playing around with the concept of drawing mandalas, I have to admit, I do cheat a little by using a compass and sometimes a ruler but as you can see, most of this is hand drawn with all my wonky lines.

This is the first Mandala I've done without using a template.  I loved the way it looked in just black ink, but adding a splash of red just lifted it brilliantly.  Instead of taking a photo, I scanned this as a jpeg on my printer, it's great, no shadows from a lousy photographer (me)!

Hope you like it.



25 October 2014

Take Flight

I had created the canvas rainbow background a while back and it was just sitting there waiting for inspiration to come, I had a few ideas floating around but none generated more than a hmmm.

I was moved by a completely unexpected act of kindness from a lovely lady Tanya who owns Colours, Hair, Beauty & Body salon in Aitkenvale, she's such a beautiful soul.  I decided that the perfect way to say thank you was to give her something pretty.

Depending on your mood, it could be hung landscape or portrait.  I gave her a little bag with the eye loops string and a picture hook so she can decide which way to hang it when she gets it home. 

I prefer landscape, what do you think?  Here it is again flipped around to portrait.

The Butterflies are all covered in Derivan Matisse Dry Medium Black Flakes Hex. they have such an incredible sparkle, in my opinion it's so much more than glitter.  Of course the sparkle is impossible to capture well in a photograph.  



08 October 2014


 A really beautiful elven Huntress this one from Norma J Burnell. Love how she turned out.  I tried for a softer look on her clothes but kept her wrist bands and weapon in leather colours, really happy with the tones in her hair.

I need to put her into my art journal soon just thinking about a border around her in tangels.

Thanks for stopping by.



07 October 2014

Fairy Dragon Queen

Another of Norma J Burnell's amazing tangled fairies this time with a gorgeous baby dragon!  I love doing these using rich colours, I'll have to try doing a pastel one soon.  I took the liberty of drawing some smaller scales on the baby dragon with a mulitliner as it looked a little strange to me that the legs didn't have scales.  Hope that isn't a problem.  

I'm a little disappointed in the liquid pearls used on her dress, the larger ones stayed in peaks rather than rounding off a little, possibly my lack of technique in applying them!

Hope you like her, I've got a huntress coming up next.  Just love colouring these gorgeous images, I print them off on A4 copic blending card and am putting them in an art journal along with other copic work like mandalas and other digi stamps.  



28 September 2014

Tangled Mandala


As you know, I've been playing around with Zentangle Inspired Art for some time, no lessons, just finding tutorials on line.  I've found a Facebook group Ornation Creation where Ben Kwok has provided some templates for tangling.  I usually try to freehand but find that challenges me and I've loved the intricate designs of mandalas so when I found the mandala templates, I've been playing!

I printed this one onto copic blending card and after tangling with a multiliner, I added a little bit of colour with copic markers.  Usually I prefer my tangles to be just black on white or white pen on black, but I'm happy with the monochrome on this one.

Here is a closer shot that actually shows some of the sparkle from the clear Spica pen I used.  It also shows my wobbly lines, but that's what it's all about, small imperfections mean it's handmade not machine or software produced.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy crafting, whatever you chose to do.

Kasey ~ in Oz

26 September 2014



Now please don't be shocked, this is three posts from me in one month!  I've even got a few more pictures to post so hope to be back in a few days to post again.

This page was inspired by an article in Stamper magazine from the UK, it has quite a few techniques which carry across to many paper crafts  such as the creative journal art that I play around with.

Using distress inks Evergreen Bough and Vintage Photo, water, Lindy's Stamp Gang spray Steampunk Sepia some stunning lace that I coloured with the Evergreen Bough, I sprayed a paper doily with the LSG spray and it has a beautiful shimmer on it.

I had this lovely copper word 'believe' in my stash and thought it was perfect for this page.  Along with a few other bits and bobs.

Hope you like it.



14 September 2014


This is another beautiful image from Norma J Burnell, stunning Tangle Fairies.  This one is called Dreamer and she does have some butterflies surrounding her on the original image, I wanted to put her into an art journal page so needed to trim around her.

The background is acrylic paint with champagne metallic rub around the edges and on the dragonflies.  The stunning Dreamer image is coloured with copics, I kept to plum, mustard, blue and gold with a tiny touch of green on some leaves.  I felt that such an intricate design required minimal colours to allow the Norma's digi art to show through more. 

While Zentangle (trademarked) or the other variety of this more loosely called Tangles is an art form that anyone can do, combining them with such amazing drawing talent the way Norma does is so much more unique.  I'm certainly in awe and so grateful that I can purchase her digi's to colour.  She has inspired me to open my copic markers again and for that I am grateful too.

Until next time.


06 September 2014

Is it really 6 months?

Wow, I can't believe that it's been 6 months since my last post here.  That's amazing how quickly the time passes by.

I've been crafting and I have posted a few things on my facebook page Paisley Wings, but not done much here.  I think I should remedy that!

I've moved my studio around and have now taken over the family room, it's fabulous!  Open, lots of room to move around a central creating space with a bench backing my desk, PC beside the desk so I can check out you tube tutorials and learn and try new techniques.  Lots of open shelving storage that kinda needs a little more TLC so no pics at the moment.

In the move, I got inspired to crack open some copic markers which have been sadly neglected while I've been playing around with art journals, acrylic paints, Dylusions and Lindy's stamp gang sprays, stencils, lumiers, stemple paint, stamps, papers, embossing, die cuts oh the list goes on.  So many things to play with and never enough time!

One of the things I've been promising myself was to get my hands on some of Norma J Burnell's amazing art work.  Her Fairy Tangles are amazing.  Here is one I completed.  the photo doesn't show the shimmer on the dragonfly wings so they look unfinished here, but trust me they are so shimmery. 

I think I need some more practice as it's been ages since I've played with the copics.  Gee that's gonna be hard......LOL

23 March 2014

Not Always Pretty

It's a very true thing about pretty words not always being true, think of people who use flattery as manipulation.  And then there are the friends or family who tell you a truth that it a little on the blunt side but something that while you may not have liked hearing it, it was something that did you good in the long run.  These are the things I thought of when I saw these words.  

The double page spread started its life as an acrylic paint experiment which sort of, I'm sure you can relate to that, then ended up with torn strips of  some very pretty papers which was then outlined with Inktense pencils to bring out the awesome tealy colour.



18 March 2014

Hmmm which way is up?

Hello, I've been dabbling a little with acrylic paint and abstract art.  I can't decide which way is up on my jewel coloured abstract.  Any suggestions?  

I recently took another one of Claudia Rossi Studios online courses and really liked playing around with the concept of abstract colour on the canvas.

 Portrait or Landscape?  I guess it doesn't really matter.  I just have to find a space on the wall and hang it one way for a while then turn it the other way to decide.

Happy crafting!



06 March 2014

On a Tangle roll

Here is my first tangle in the gorgeous french made book that I mentioned in my last post.  It is a cloth bound book with the smoothest white paper.  Glorious for drawing on.

This cone shaped flower was inspired by Helen Williams from

Visit her blog, she has some amazing work displayed.  Thank you Helen for your inspiration.

Until next time, keep on doing what makes you, you!



02 March 2014

Tangle some more

Hi all, still tanglin' and lovin' it.  This one is 29 cm x 21 cm and is on a vanilla page in my Dylusions art journal.  I started with a few circles drawn with my trusty compass. 

 I got a beautiful cloth bound book which was made in France.  It has the most beautiful smooth white paper in it.  Stunning, so easy to draw on and when erasing the light pencil lines, it's fabulous.  Love this book and have a few tangles on the go in it which I'll post for you soon.



27 February 2014

I've been Tanglin'

Hi all, I've done a bit of travel for work lately and sitting in a hotel room at night time my easy to carry art is to have a notebook and some pens and I do some doodling, or Zentangle inspired tangles.

The beauty of these is that you can have them anyway you want, up or down it doesn't matter

If you doodle while you're chatting on the phone?  Then this might be the sort of art for you.



11 February 2014

Earth Mother

Hi there, I had another play around with my inktense pencils and another one of Teri Sherman's beautiful images  'Earth Mother' and I put the Driftwood Frame around her.

I used a silver Lyra watercolour pencil over the top of the gray inktense on the fame to give a slight luminescent quality to the frame.  Still working on technique, I think I'll have to do some research on these as I'd like to get more/better shading on the skin areas.

Hope you like her.