15 January 2011

Touch of Nature and Insanity

How lovely! This creation has been picked as a favourite on Colour Q despite the madness..... LOL. I'm very proud to say this is my second time as a courtier......I'm working on being the Queen one day.... What a thrill! A huge Thank you to the lovely ladies at Colour Q.

Once again, I seem to have reached for an SU retired stamp set, this time for the sentiment. Touch of Nature is one of my all time favourites.

The Colour Q challenge colours this week are so in your face! I had to sit and think a few mins before letting myself run riot.

I turned to butterflies once again, gee people might think I love butterflies, well you'd be's a real quandry for me each time I go to use them because I have this little conversation going on in my head....Please tell me you all do this sort of thing.....LOL

Me: "You always use butterflies."
Myself: "Yes I know, but they're so pretty and I just Love them so much."
Me: "Go find some flowers for this project."
Myself: (goes looking for flowers....shuffles through the containers....grumbles at Me) "Nope, can't find any in the right colour."
Me: "I give Up!
Myself: he he he..."look at that, those butterflies are just the right touch for this card."

It's just as well that 'I' don't get involved in these conversations or Me might think we are ganging up!

Colour Q - Colour challenge 67


  1. I love all the butterflies, so tell "Me" to mind her own business! :) Thanks for playing with us at the colourQ!

  2. VERY pretty card, Kasey! I like the butterflies:) Thanks for playing at the colourQ! :)

  3. I love all the layers in this card, and the textured backing is great. Fab butterflies!

  4. Kasey, Lovely card! I love and use butterflies all the time. If your heart says use them then use them! Thanks for playing the colourQ challenge again this week.

  5. This card is just so FUN and cheerful! And your little story just made me giggle, because I just love butterflies and don't think they should ever be second-guessed! They work perfectly here. Thanks for joining us at the ColourQ!

  6. Okay you got these colors down pat! And yes, I do have that same conversation with me and myself... Myself usually wins... sneaky girl with the butterflies!
    Thanks for playing with us at ColourQ

  7. Giggle ... did anyone ever tell you that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness!? :D Love the colours! Hugs xaxx

  8. I'm not alone! glad to hear all that support for using butterflies anytime the urge hits. I thought a bit of humour wouldn't go astray. It seemed to fit the bright colour combo. Thank you all for your lovely comments.


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