31 January 2011

Wooo Hooo an award!

I've just been sent an email with an award in it. The award has come from a friend in Canberra the lovely Bron Refshauge at Bron's Creations. Apparently, the Leibster Blog (Love Blog) is awarded to new blogs to bring them into the spotlight, so thank you Bron for your award and your kind comments.

I blame this lady singlehandedly for sparking my interest in stamping and papercraft, I worked with her husband and visited for a social event when I met Bron and saw her studio, (gaping open mouthed and speechless was probably more like what happened)....what an amazingly talented artist this lady is. I stood in awe of her talent thinking I'd love to try it but I didn't think I'd ever be able to match the sort of projects she turned out. It really was about a year or more before I actually got the chance to play with some stamps and ink...the rest as they say is history. I've been blogging now for well over a year however Bron is relatively new to posting her work online. Drop by and have a look at her creations from time to time, you will find inspiration.

I've been accused of pretty much doing the same thing for a number of other friends, inspiring them to bring their creativity out into the light.

The following list are blogs that I visit and often gather inspiration from I'd like to send this award on to each of these talented artists.

Monique at Stamping with Monique

Christine at Happy Heart Cards

Julie at Paper Pleasing Ideas

Donna at Butternut Sage Designs

Andrea at EnchantINK

Please visit these blogs, leave a comment and show recognition for the amazing talent and artistry you see.

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  1. Hi Kasey, I've seen your name on Bron's blog and congratulations on your award. I've been looking through the cards and pages on here, such lovely work, and you've got that nice SU style which I like so much but can't do myself. Your granddaughter looks a sweetie in the photos, something nice to show her. CoB


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